APA Citation Example: How To Cite Sources In APA Format

Example of APA Citation

What do you mean by APA citation?

APA citation refers to the rules and guidelines established by the American Psychological Association for documenting sources used in academic papers and research. It provides a standardized format for citing references, ensuring credibility and consistency in scholarly writing.

How to cite using APA style?

APA th Ed
APA th Ed

When citing sources in APA style, there are specific guidelines to follow. For an in-text citation, the author’s last name and the publication year should be included within parentheses. If directly quoting, the page number should also be mentioned. In the reference list at the end of the paper, all cited sources should be listed alphabetically by the author’s last name.

What is known about APA citation?

How to Write an APA Format Bibliography
How to Write an APA Format Bibliography

APA citation is widely used in various fields of study, including psychology, social sciences, and education. It provides a clear and consistent way to acknowledge the work of others and avoid plagiarism. The APA citation style is one of the most commonly used formats in academic writing and is recognized by many scholarly journals and publications.

Solution for APA citation

APA Reference Page Examples and Format Guide  Bibliography
APA Reference Page Examples and Format Guide Bibliography

To ensure proper APA citation, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the APA style guide, which provides detailed instructions on formatting and citing different types of sources. Additionally, there are numerous online resources and citation generators available that can assist in generating accurate APA citations.

Information about APA citation

The APA citation style covers a wide range of sources, including books, journal articles, websites, and even social media posts. Each type of source has specific formatting requirements, such as italicizing book titles or using quotation marks for article titles. APA citation also includes guidelines for citing sources in different contexts, such as citing secondary sources or citing sources within a parenthetical citation.

Example of APA citation

Here is an example of how to cite a book using APA style:

Author’s Last Name, First Initial. (Year). Title of Book. Publisher.

For instance, if you were citing the book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, the APA citation would be:

Lee, H. (1960). To Kill a Mockingbird. Harper & Brothers.


APA citation is an essential aspect of academic writing as it ensures proper acknowledgment of sources and maintains the integrity of scholarly work. By following the guidelines set by the American Psychological Association, writers can establish credibility, provide evidence for their arguments, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields.


1. Are there any online tools available for generating APA citations?

Yes, several online tools and citation generators can assist in creating accurate and properly formatted APA citations. Some popular options include EasyBib, Citation Machine, and BibMe.

2. Is it necessary to include page numbers in APA in-text citations?

Including page numbers in APA in-text citations is recommended when directly quoting or referring to a specific passage in a source. However, it is not necessary when summarizing or paraphrasing information.

3. Can APA citation be used in fields other than psychology?

Absolutely! Although the American Psychological Association originally developed the APA citation style, it is widely adopted in various disciplines, including education, social sciences, and business, among others.

4. Are there different rules for citing electronic sources in APA?

Yes, there are specific guidelines for citing electronic sources, such as websites or online articles, in APA style. These guidelines may include providing the URL, the date of access, and additional information specific to the source type.

5. What are the consequences of not properly citing sources in APA style?

Failure to cite sources properly in APA style can result in accusations of plagiarism, which can have severe consequences such as academic penalties, damaged reputation, and legal repercussions. It is essential to give credit to the original authors and researchers to maintain academic integrity.