APA 7 Format Citation Example: A Comprehensive Guide To Cite Sources Correctly

APA 7 Format Citation Example

What do we mean by APA 7 format citation?

APA 7 format citation refers to the specific set of rules and guidelines established by the American Psychological Association (APA) for citing sources in academic and professional writing. These guidelines dictate how to acknowledge and give credit to the original authors and creators of the information you use in your work. By citing sources properly, you demonstrate your credibility as a researcher and ensure that your work is transparent and traceable.

How does APA 7 format citation work?

APA Formatting and Citation (th Ed
APA Formatting and Citation (th Ed

APA 7 format citation provides a standardized method for organizing and presenting information about the sources you used in your research. It includes specific rules for formatting in-text citations and references, ensuring consistency and clarity throughout your document.

When using APA 7 format citation, you need to include brief in-text citations within the body of your paper to identify the source of specific ideas, quotes, or paraphrases. These in-text citations typically consist of the author’s last name and the publication year.

APA th Ed
APA th Ed

Additionally, you must provide a detailed reference list at the end of your document, which includes all the sources you cited in your paper. This reference list provides readers with the necessary information to locate and verify the sources you referenced.

What is known about APA 7 format citation?

APA 7 format citation is the latest edition of the APA citation style, which was developed to address the evolving needs of researchers and the changing landscape of information sources. It incorporates updates and changes to previous editions, ensuring that it remains relevant and effective in the digital age.

Some key features of APA 7 format citation include:

1. Inclusion of DOIs and URLs: APA 7 format citation emphasizes the use of Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) and URLs to provide direct access to online sources.

2. Simplified rules for citing electronic sources: APA 7 format citation provides clearer guidelines for citing various electronic sources, such as websites, online articles, and social media posts.

3. Inclusion of more than one author: APA 7 format citation provides consistent rules for citing sources with multiple authors, ensuring proper attribution and recognition.

4. Introduction of a new format for student papers: APA 7 format citation introduces a new format for student papers, making it easier for students to structure their work and demonstrate their understanding of APA guidelines.

Solution: An example of APA 7 format citation

To better understand APA 7 format citation, let’s consider an example:

Suppose you are writing a research paper on the effects of social media on mental health. You come across a study conducted by Smith and Johnson published in 2020 about the relationship between excessive social media use and anxiety disorders.

In your paper, you want to paraphrase a finding from this study. Following APA 7 format citation guidelines, you would include an in-text citation as follows:

According to Smith and Johnson (2020), excessive social media use has been linked to higher rates of anxiety disorders.

In the reference list at the end of your paper, you would include the following entry:

Smith, A., & Johnson, B. (2020). The impact of social media on anxiety disorders. Journal of Psychology, 25(2), 123-145.

This example demonstrates how APA 7 format citation helps you properly credit the authors and provide your readers with the necessary information to locate the original source.


APA 7 format citation is a vital tool for academic and professional writers to acknowledge the sources they use and maintain the integrity of their work. By following the guidelines set by the American Psychological Association, writers ensure credibility, transparency, and accountability in their research. Understanding and implementing APA 7 format citation contributes to the overall quality and professionalism of your writing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is APA 7 format citation the same as APA 6 format citation?

No, APA 7 format citation introduces several updates and changes compared to APA 6 format citation. It is important to familiarize yourself with the latest edition to ensure accurate and consistent citations.

2. Do I need to include page numbers in APA 7 format citation?

Page numbers are only required for direct quotations in APA 7 format citation. However, it is recommended to include page numbers for paraphrased information to facilitate easy navigation for readers.

3. How do I cite a source with multiple authors in APA 7 format citation?

In APA 7 format citation, you include the last names of up to 20 authors in the in-text citation. For more than 20 authors, you use et al. after the first author’s name. In the reference list, you include all the authors’ names.

4. Can I use APA 7 format citation for non-academic writing?

While APA 7 format citation is primarily designed for academic and professional writing, you can adapt its principles and guidelines for other forms of writing, such as blog posts and articles.

5. Are there any online tools available to assist with APA 7 format citation?

Yes, there are various online tools and citation generators that can help you generate accurate APA 7 format citations. However, it is essential to double-check the generated citations for correctness and completeness.